Study Rules of Texas Holdem with Bots

October 26th, 2012

There is not so popular game of poker as Texas Holdem, and any poker player will agree that this poker deserved well its reputation by its long history. The rules of Texas Holdem is an example of poker wealth and depth, and they might be used for an academic study, if some university provided a grant for that. From another side, it is good to build and try a versatile poker system with a universal approach in solving very common situations they meet in poker. In fact, any strategy, which is good for one poker, may be good for another one.

However, all these positive sides are shining, when poker is played with humans, and when in online room real players have a company of computer bots, the game nature becomes different. There is no clear point of view about a human versus computer bot playing as, on one hand, the level of artificial intelligence has not reached that of human; and, on the other hand, the situation of unfair advantage is too obvious even in the poker room. As to poker players, this fact may be good and bad at the same time – any computer system that plays against a human is predictable to some extent. It is enough to recall that the engine of imperfect information that they use in poker games and simulators is a great playground for online poker researchers, especially those, who deal with Texas Holdem. All the said should inspire anybody willing to find worthwhile shortcuts for gambling online.

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